Flat Belly - Colon Detox

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Remarkable Results Reported by Satisfied Customers: Discover the Success Stories of Clients Who Have Experienced Significant Results with Flat Belly, including Removing Up to 11 pounds of Toxic Waste in Just One Week!

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Vegan, Organic, Gluten-free

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I am very happy with it.

Great products, lovely packaging, fast delivery. Nothing but nice things to say about Dore & Rose!

Iris Peeters
It does what it promises.

I have ordered this product several times. It made me lose more than 5 pounds of weight within a week! It does what it promises.

Great product.

The colon detox does an excellent job. I have been using it for quite some time and I feel much better. I can even tolerate gluten again now. I am even losing weight with the powder.

Sarah H.
Smoother skin.

I have now finished my second detox. The detoxes had a very good effect on both my digestion and my skin. It has become more even.

Kurt B.
It works!

I don't normally leave reviews, but this really works very well for me.

Marion A.
I feel so light.

I take 2 every day and the next day I feel so light. I will use these forever. I have tried many digestive aids, but wow, this is a good product.

Sandra P.
Works great.

This detox does what they claim to do. After I started using this, I went to the bathroom twice a day.

Charlotte A.
What a relief!

I use this for constipation. I have regular urinary tract infections, so I switched to this colon cleanser and I must honestly say it works. I go to the toilet more often and is a relief of sorts.

Femke J.
After just one week, results.

I was very happy to see the results in a week and even more in a month. I currently no longer suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, which used to be very bad with me.

Henny E.
Lost 10 Pounds in a Month!

I lost 10 pounds in a month and my skin is glowing. Amazing product!

Anja K.
No More Constipation

After years of constipation, I finally have a regular bowel movement. Feel fantastic!

Peter V.
Increased Energy and Less Belly Fat

I feel energetic and my belly fat has significantly reduced. Very satisfied.

Sophie D.
Cleaner Gut, Healthier Feeling

My gut feels cleaner and I have an overall healthier feeling.

Mark J.
Daily Regularity Restored

now go to the toilet daily without issues. Highly recommend!

Laura M.
Bloating Gone

The bloating is gone and I feel lighter and more energetic.

Tom H.
Better Digestion

My digestion has improved a lot and I have more energy.

Linda S.
Reduced Belly Fat

My belly fat has decreased significantly. I feel healthier.

John D.
Radiant Skin

My skin looks great since using this product. Very happy!

Emma R.
No More IBS Symptoms

Happy to see results in a week. No more IBS symptoms now.

Sarah T.
More Energy Throughout the Day

I have more energy throughout the day and feel much better.

Michael B.
Skin Has Cleared Up

My skin has cleared up and I feel healthier overall.

Jessica L.
Regular and Easy Bowel Movements

Regular and easy bowel movements now. Feel great!

Chris P.
Felt the Difference in a Week

Felt the difference in a week. More energy and less bloating.

Emily W.
Gut Feels Detoxed

My gut feels detoxed and I'm more energetic.

Kevin S.
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Effective Bowel Cleansing for Optimal Digestion and Weight Loss.

Rinse away Toxins and Waste with the Power of Flat Belly. Experience the Effective Cleansing Power of Flat Belly as it Flushes Toxins and Waste from your Gut, ensuring Better Digestion and Faster Weight Loss.

Goodbye Bloating and Constipation:

Say Goodbye to Problems with Bloating and Constipation and Welcome a Flatter and Toned Belly with Flat Belly's Powerful Formula.

Safe and Gentle Cleansing with Natural Ingredients:

A Gentle and Comfortable Cleansing Experience. Enjoy a Comfortable and Effective Cleansing Experience with Flat Belly, Thanks to the Natural Ingredients that are Safe and Gentle on your Body.

Embrace the Benefits of a Healthier Gut:

Discover the Transformative Benefits of a Healthier Gut, Improved Digestion and Amplified Weight Loss with Flat Belly.Experience the Difference with Flat Belly and Start Your Journey to a Slimmer and Healthier Body Today.

How to use

Instructions for Use: Take 1-3 capsules with water before bedtime. Adjust the dosage as needed for optimal results, up to a maximum of 3 capsules per day.

Effect: The effect typically occurs within 6-12 hours, although this may vary depending on your body.

Swallowing Tip: To make swallowing easier, try the following trick: Place 1 or 2 capsules in your mouth, take some water, and then tilt your head forward before swallowing. The air in the capsules will help them float to the back of your throat, making swallowing easier.

Note: If the product feels too strong, the dosage can be reduced to 1 capsule per day. If you feel that your bowels have been thoroughly cleansed after a few days, you can take a break from using the product and only use it as needed.


This special herbal blend will make you feel lighter after 6-12 hours of using the Colon Cleanse

Aloë vera (Aloe vera, Latex) Aloe vera helps balance intestinal flora. It is useful in cases of irritable bowel syndrome and is a laxative known to help expel parasites from the digestive tract.

Senna (Senna alexandrina, Leaf) Senna contains anthraquinone, which is known for its powerful laxative effect. These anthraquinones are also very effective in cleansing the colon, which is not only excellent for detoxifying the digestive system, but also for preparing the colon for procedures such as colonoscopy.

Burdock (Burdock Root) contains inulin, a soluble and prebiotic fibre that helps improve digestion. Inulin acts as food for healthy gut bacteria and helps regulate inflammation and remove toxins from the body.

Cascara (Rhamnus purshiana ancient bark) The active ingredients of Cascara Sagrada stimulate the intestinal wall and relieve a sluggish colon. The combination of both psyllium (as a bulking agent) and Cascara (as a stimulating laxative) is essential for an effective colon cleansing programme.

Ginger (Zingiber) Ginger is used in most detoxification programmes because it cleanses the body by stimulating digestion, circulation and sweating. Digestion serves to cleanse the accumulation of waste and toxins in the colon, liver and other organs.

All ingredients are (Organic, Gluten-free, Vegan)

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Flat Belly™ Customers Experience Amazing Results

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Want Fast, Effective Weight Loss?

  1. Eliminate Colon Bowel Waste: Many unknowingly carry around 10-20 pound of old poop in their colon.
  2. Enhance Well-being: Addressing this issue can significantly improve your overall well-being.
  3. Combat Digestive Complaints: Experience relief from abdominal pain, bloating, and constipation.
  4. “Flat Belly” Detox: Our solution for quick, visible results and a healthier belly.

How to Use?

1. Take 1-2 capsules before going to bed with water.

2. If necessary, adjust the intake to 3 capsules per day for desired results.

3. The effect begins to set in after 6-12 hours.

4. Enjoy a smooth transition to a healthier digestive tract and an elevated metabolism.

Inside Flat Belly®

Investigate the Source, Dosage, Form™


Casara Sagrada

Source: North American Cascara Sagrada tree.

Origin: Original Northwest: Cascara Sagrada, Sacred Bark Thrives.

Benefits: Historical remedy cherished for digestive support.



Source: Ginger is derived from the rhizome of the Zingiber officinale plant.

Origin: Ginger originated in Southeast Asia and is now cultivated in various parts of the world.

Benefits: Ginger supports colon health by reducing inflammation, supporting digestion and promoting detoxification.


Burdock Root

Source: Burdock comes from the roots of the Burdock plant (Arctium lappa).

Origin: Burdock has a long history of use in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and is native to Europe and Asia..

Benefits: Burdock is valued for its potential to cleanse and support colon health.


Aloe Vera

Source: Aloe Vera plant, known for its gel-filled leaves with numerous health benefits.

Origin: Originating from the Arabian Peninsula, it is now cultivated worldwide for its medicinal and skin-care properties.

Benefits: Aloe vera helps soothe and support the gut by reducing inflammation and promoting healthy digestion.


Organic Ashwagandha

Inside Flat Belly®

Investigate the Source, Dosage, Form™


Burdock Root

Source: Burdock comes from the roots of the Burdock plant (Arctium lappa).

Origin: Burdock has a long history of use in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and is native to Europe and Asia..

Benefits: Burdock is valued for its potential to cleanse and support colon health.


Casara Sagrada

Source: North American Cascara Sagrada tree.

Origin: Original Northwest: Cascara Sagrada, Sacred Bark Thrives.

Benefits: Historical remedy cherished for digestive support.


Aloe Vera

Source: Aloe Vera plant, known for its gel-filled leaves with numerous health benefits.

Origin: Originating from the Arabian Peninsula, it is now cultivated worldwide for its medicinal and skin-care properties.

Benefits: Aloe vera helps soothe and support the gut by reducing inflammation and promoting healthy digestion.



Source: Ginger is derived from the rhizome of the Zingiber officinale plant.

Origin: Ginger originated in Southeast Asia and is now cultivated in various parts of the world.

Benefits: Ginger supports colon health by reducing inflammation, supporting digestion and promoting detoxification.

Find Out What Our Customers Have to Say!

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Is Flat Belly safe?

Flat Belly is 100% safe and uses natural ingredients to safely cleanse the body from the inside out.

Is the Fat Belly Gut Detox suitable for both men and women?

Yes, the Fat Belly Gut Detox is suitable for both men and women. This gut detox is designed to enhance overall health and assist in achieving a flatter stomach, regardless of gender. Its aim is to optimize gut health and provide the same beneficial effect for both men and women.

Is it true that Flat Belly can help you lose weight?

Absolutely! Most of our customers see an almost immediate flattening of the abdomen as a result of excreting accumulated waste and reducing bloating and fluid retention.

How long can I use Flat Belly?

Flat Belly can also be taken on an as-needed basis, such as when experiencing constipation. You can then store it away once the issue is resolved. It's not a supplement that needs to be taken daily. However, it's important to listen to your body and assess its effects.

Flat Belly is a gut detox that can assist with constipation, weight loss, and cleansing your intestines of built-up toxins and waste. For example, if you notice after a week that your bowels are clear, your stomach feels flatter, and you have more energy, you can discontinue the supplement. You can resume its use as needed.

However, we recommend taking a break of 2 weeks after using Flat Belly for 15 days.

Does Flat Belly help remove toxins?

It is widely believed that the body carries between 5 and 20 pounds of excess waste in your intestines at all times. Any toxins that may result from food, water or the environment and can accumulate in the intestines. In our opinion, it is important to excrete them faster to keep the body at peak performance.

Will Flat Belly make me feel better mentally and physically?

Absolutely! Flat Belly helps remove toxins and build them out of the body naturally. Your gut health is extremely important and this is where most of your immune system cells and neurotransmitters are made. When you improve gut health, you can expect to feel NOTHING better physically and mentally. You should feel sharper, less tired and have an overall sense of improvement for your well-being throughout the day.

Is it safe to use Flat Belly during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Flat Belly is not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation. Although ginger, aloe vera and Burdock are generally considered safe for consumption during pregnancy and lactation, Cascara and Senna Leaf are known to have laxative effects and can cause contractions in the uterus.These effects can potentially harm the developing foetus or nursing baby, and therefore it is not recommended to use Flat Belly during pregnancy or lactation.

Can children use the Flat Belly product?

No, we do not recommend using our Flat Belly-Colon Cleanse product for children under the age of 18. Our product contains a potent mix of natural ingredients, including aloe vera, ginger, burdock, cascara and senna, which may be too strong for young children.

Can I take the Flat Belly in powder form instead of capsules?

Our Flat Belly product is currently only available in capsule form. However, you can easily open the capsules and mix the powder with water, juice, a smoothie or any other drink of your choice. We recommend using the product with a full glass of water to ensure proper hydration and to help flush the body out of toxins. If you have any concerns or questions about the best way to use our colon cleanse product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How many capsules should I take before bedtime?

Our recommended dosage is 1 capsule before bedtime, but you can take up to 3 capsules per day if needed. However, it's best to start with one capsule per day and gradually increase the dosage to find the optimal amount that provides the desired benefits. For example, some of our customers use Flat Belly with just 1 capsule per day. Since the effects may vary from person to person, it's important to experiment and discover what works best for you.

Will Flat Belly only help me lose weight in my belly or in my whole body?

The Flat Belly product can help promote weight loss throughout the body, not just in the abdomen. The ingredients in the product support healthy digestion and elimination, which can lead to overall weight loss and a slimmer appearance.

Can I combine Flat Belly with other Jennahorganics products?

We recommend combining Flat Belly with other products! It's a fantastic addition to all the products we offer. Liver Cleanse is especially recommended for use in combination with Flat Belly, as it supports the liver and contributes to a healthy gut microbiome. Additionally, Flat Belly can be combined with all JennahOrganics products for optimal results.

What sets Flat Belly apart from other detox supplements on the market?

Flat Belly is renowned for its effective yet healthy approach to detoxification. Our formula, crafted with carefully dosed and premium-quality ingredients such as ginger, burdock root, cascara, senna, and aloe vera, delivers immediate results without compromising on health.You'll experience instant effects, but in a natural and balanced manner. With Flat Belly, you not only get a potent detox but also a safe and sustainable path to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle